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to this indiscriminate use of chemical weapons. but make no mistake. president obama believes there must be accountability for those who would use the world's most heinous weapons against the world's most vulnerable people. nothing today is more serious and nothing is receiving more serious scrutiny. thank you. >> secretary of state kerry there with a forceful response to sir why's use of chemical weapons. the united states says it has undeniable evidence that it was used on citizens last week and the secretary pointed out that he had reviewed video from the aftermath of that attack last week and was struck as a human being and as a father by the video, mandy, of that father holding his young, dead child as a result of that attack. we welcome you now to "closing bell" for cnbc. >> we were just listening, of course, as secretary of state kerry and, you know, bill, it was heart wrenching, sol of the commentary he was making. of course, one of the big things he said was accountability. someone needs to be accountable for this. and also, that our basic sense of humanity is not only offended
&p is down 2%. show us the interest-rate sensitive group for the month. the s&p down 2%. 8% decline in reits, 5.5% in utilities, 4% in telecom. that's where the damage is. when is somebody going to say bonds are starting to look attractive? here's the lqd. it's down 10% in the last month. this is the biggest corporate bond etf out there. today, the yield is 4% on this. 4%. now, i'm sure there's corporate bonds individually yielding 5% with durations not too far out there. it's starting to look attractive. that's at least my opinion. i'm waiting for somebody else to start saying that. i think bonds are poised to do well after the september 17th fed meeting. a lot of people seem to feel that way. if bonds are being sold, here's a question people are asking, if bonds are being sold and stocks are being sold in the united states, where's the money going? a lot of people have been putting money into europe in the last couple of months, but look, europe is starting to look topee. it topped out in the middle of last week. the big question here is, where is the excess money going to be going, and a
it happened. we'll have the very latest on that. phil is monitoring that for us, coming up in a few minutes here. >> a tough story there. >>> let's look at the market as we approach the final hour. as the bell sounds in about an hour. the dow is down 105 point, just shy really of the low of the afternoon. nonetheless, triple digits in the downside. two-thirds of 1%. 15,345. last trade of the blue chip average. nasdaq, similar chart. a steady decline for the last couple of hours, down about 9 points, .25% at 3,675. check the s&p 500, at a two-week low now, the stand & poors and a decline there of about 7 points. >>> let's talk about today's market action and, in fact, what's going on this month now that the dow is negative for august. joining us in the "closing bell exchange," jeff from lpl financial, adam thurgood from high tower and our own rick santelli. jeff, do you think they'll begin tapering in september? >> i do. i know that it's a controversial talking point here. listen, we've seen the data come in. we've seen the retail sales numbers, the ism numbers, the jobless claims. all of th
to "the closing bell," i'm bill griffeths. >> maria is back next tuesday. john kerry serving notice the u.s. is preparing to act on syria. we are following escalating developments for you as the stock market is in the final hour of what looks to be the worst month for dow and s&p 500 since 2012. >> i will point out market's response to syria remarks has been muted, also very few traders out there on this friday before labor day weekend. >> seems there was a mild reaction to the downside. bob pisani noticed when john kerry was taking a harder line, the dow dropped ten points. when he took a softer stance and reiterated no boots on ground, not open-ended, words like that, it seemed like the market came back to where it was prekerry's speech at the moment. where we're sitting at the dow is we're off by just 0.2%, down by 26 points. the nasdaq is down by 27 points. off by 0.7%. and the s&p 500 is down by about 4 point. let's get to bob pisani because you've been watching tick by tick the developments and all the speeches we've been hearing, rhetoric with regards to syria. give us a bit of a wal
is next. >> $1. >> now we don't have a taper jar, but we have kelly evans with us today. i'm bill griffin here at cnbc headquarters. >> i'm kelly evans in today for maria. markets are in the green again but bill, the big question is why. >> indeed. strong economic data this morning. 2.5% gdp in the second quarter. better than many expected. news is cred good news by investors for once instead of worrying about fed tapering right now and there is sir why to talk about as well, right? >> now it seems like there is at least a pause before missiles fly. wall street seeming it like that news as well. we will have more coming up in a couple of minutes. >> all of those safe havens pulling back a bit. it is very interesting to see how the market responds. also if you google words high price divorce, you might come up with google co-founder reportedly splitting with his wife of six years. mother of their two children. he has about $22 billion in google voting shares. the question is, will she get half? will the pre-nup agreement hold up? and there is a lot more to this story including intriguing d
the market down about 64 points on the dow jones industrials average. ken mahoney is with us from mahoney asset management, michael from i-tech, and rich peterson from s&p capital iq and our own rick santelli. rick, we want to kick this off with you. we had a weaker than expected auction yesterday. >> the fixed income market found weaker demand for the three auctions totaling $72 billion, 3s, 10s, 30s. but it doesn't seem to have had a significant impact on the current structure. you know, we are slightly lower in yields, higher in price than we were yesterday, and the same could be true from a weekly per expectedive. i think the big story continues to be that the range is extended on interest rates and the curve is steeper, but it really hasn't gotten out of hand the last several weeks. as you can see on the three-week chart. the big story continues to be the dollar index. and maybe specifically how the european currencies, the bound and the euro, are doing better than the yen is. but the japanese don't want the yen to do better. they want to kickstart their export economy. i think next
is grounded. look at the stocks of american airlines and u.s. air, both depending on a deal to go through. american airlines down 48%. u.s. air down 11.5%. the proposed merger, the department of justice says consumers would be hurt and is suing to block that deal. so far, only investors are getting crushed today. we'll talk to a few lawyers who have opinions on that deal. >> let's get you caught up on the markets, how we've been trading so far this tuesday. the dip in the morning happened again, and then it returned. the market up 47 1/2 points on the dow at 15,467. that has been the trading pattern of late. nasdaq, higher. apple's helping right now, up 17 points or about .5% at 3,687. and the s&p 500 index is up 5.8 points at 1,695. bob pisani, apple story is a good one. >> reporter: apple will normally do about 10 million. icahn's definitely having an influence on the stock. we're probably at the highest level since january right now. here's the tweets here. had a nice conversation -- this is carl icahn -- with tim cook today. discussed my opinion about a larger buyback should be done n
>> cool. >> thank you so much for joining us today. the markets, well, you know, we're actually doing better considering we've had a bad streak recently. as you can see, we're moving up by 32 points on the dow, inching further away from the 15,000 mark. it was looking precarious there for a moment. >> take care, everybody. see you tomorrow. >>> hi, everybody. we enter the final stretch. welcome to the "closing bell." i'm maria bartiromo with the new york stock exchange the market trying to break the losing streak. >> yes, looking good so far. a lot coming up over the next couple of hours, including more on what is going on with the government and jpmorgan chase and its ceo jamie dimon, yet another probe has been announced. i mean, i think there's, like, four of them out there in various parts of their business. >> four agencies. >> four agencies have announced probes into this bank, and now, noted bank analyst dick bove feels the end game may be the government is trying to break up jpmorgan and the culture created by jamie dimon. we'll talk about it, dick coming along. a great c
in july, nonfarm payrolls. back to you. >> all right, bob, thank you. down on the floor for us. joining us now in our "closing bell exchange" is kyle harrington, anton, josh, and rick santelli. josh, you mentioned how you saw a record amount of money in july flowing into u.s. equity funds. well timed or too late to the party? >> i guess that's a function of the individual person's timeframe. but let's focus on what the big picture here is, scott. why is this happening? we haven't had an economic blowup in quite sometime. and a lot of that money has been hiding out, as though a blowup were imminent. in the meantime, the fed has added about $2 trillion, by my count, of excess liquidity into the system, totally pent up, and at this point, people are starting to envision a future where we actually get some decent growth. it's not here yet. but some of the signs are starting to point that way. so i'm not surprised at all to see the flows coming in. the most important thing, guys, is that money does not chase value. money chases performance. stock market versus bond market over the last three ye
" show which starts at 7:00. it happens to the very best of us. >> a hell of a guy anyway. >> absolutely. "closing bell" is next. >>> welcome to "closing bell." by the way, al roker said they'll change the name of the show hon weather channel from "wake up with al" now to "wake up al." but i digress. welcome to the "closing bell," i'm bill griffeth. maria will join us in a few minutes. we have a very big show on tap for the next few hour, but we're watching the markets first and foremost. it's been a down day today. ibm had a downgrade. lots of fed speak. the most recent of which is atlanta fed president dennis lockhart, who said he's echoed what we've had before that the tapering of the quantitative easing by the fed is likely to start in september. that was the headline. then you read the whole story, and he says, or maybe it won't. so it's the same story you've been hearing, but the market chose to listen to that part of the story. in just a bit, maria's special interview with actor and technology investor ashton kutcher. he, of course, is portraying apple co-founder steve jobs in the
from the close where the dow and the s&p 500 are on track for the three-day losing streak. joining us now in the "closing bell exchange" anastasia, jason, steven wood from russell investments and brian. good to have you all. thank you very much for joining us. anastasia, let me kick it off with you. what would you be advising clients to do here, after the year we've had with a market that is showing such volatility? >> yeah, thanks. it's not that the market is taking a little bit of a pause here, because we're processing all of the data we're getting from the economy, but also all of the information we're getting from the fed. i think what's really key here to note is the preponderance of the evidence is shifting towards the defendant here. the defendant being the fed and the plaintiff being, well, the market. and that's really for a very good reason. you know, the data is improving. so it's not a surprise that the fed is starting about tapering here -- start talking about tapering here. so we have to take that in context and realize there's some very good fundamentals backing it up.
to this week. joining us is ron weiner, anthony chen, who also, by the way, has a blackberry. vadim from alliance bernstein, and downtown josh brown from fusion analytics. josh, would you be -- what are you doing with this market right now? >> we're in. we think the market's okay. we would actually expect a little bit of a gyration here given all of the political things that will happen in september. but that's fine. only a deranged lunatic needs another 5% this month and then another 5% after. let's digest the massive gains that we've seen virtually uninterrupted since last november. so i think the message right now is a little bit of a rotation going on beneath the surface. advance the timeline, calmed down a little bit. we've seen the expansion slow. the financials are off and not leading anymore. you are seeing some of the catch-up trade work. the materials coming from behind. but the action is muted. we're in the midstle of august. i'd say all of that is okay. there's no reason to expect more. >> anthony, is it deranged to expect 5%, 10%, more, before the end of the year? >> i think
.5% down 23 points at 1633. this month shaping up to be one of the worst for the us stock market in more than a year. bob pisani, everyone on the floor, must be talking syria. >> you have problems when everyone's reading foreign affairs policy magazines. the problem is sesi syria is ata tipping point. the government problems, german elections, get a stew of uncertainty and syria pushes you over the top. ten-year yields moving down. sometimes in the past a big help to the market. not anymore. yoesh l overlay there. ten-year yield today. you can see moving down. stocks moving down on top of that. i want to point out and not minimize, syria is a major problem, but the market internals are not that bad. volume moderate. yesterday the lightest full day of the year. bottom line, no stampede to sell, a buyer's strike. low on volume. quick to point that out. roughly one. no big fear there. a lot of people holding on to longs, doing nothing now. the vix is up. at a six-week high. that's not that high. it was much higher back in june when there were concerns on the fed out there. bear that in mind
and we also have an update on the terror threat that has prompted the u.s. to shut down embassies this weekend. >> yeah. that is a story that's still developing. >> it hasn't affected the markets. >> no, not anyway yet. we've been all over the map. take a look at this chart. we had losses at the beginning of the day that we did, in fact, see that bigger than expected jobs numbers but we're down about seven points as we approach the final stretch for the week. 15,620. we're down from yesterday. up 6.75 on the nasdaq and the standard & poor index, having risen, but still in negative territory, bill. >> so a disappointing jobs report, but was it disappointing for investors? bob miss . >> traders have had various comments, are the feds going to be around longer. we all know that. and we're still seeing selloffs met with a by-the-dip mentality overall. those are the three issued. take a look what we're doing with the dow industrials. we're just about to go positive here, and i'll tell you if it wasn't for the crummy earnings, e e exxon, i'm talking with you. the refiners are to the dow
holds. so this is a very large agenda that's still in front of us and the president has his way of trying to address it. republicans have different ways relying less on government more on the markets. >> there were a number of commemorations going on around the country, local commemorations on this historic day. so, of course, the key focus has been on washington here and the president will be standing on the precise spot where martin luther king was standing on that day 50 years ago. those of you who have been at the lincoln memorial recently you will notice there's a black commemorating that moment from 1963. it's hard to believe. i don't know. for some of us of a certain age hard to believe it's 50 years. >> i was a little kid in chevy chase, maryland, my dad was covering the march. she was a reporter. my mom would have attended the march if she had a baby sitter. she had four kids under ten and couldn't get under there. it's a remarkable passage of speed. i don't think martin luther king would have expected we would have an african-american president by now. some things have
is with us. he says it is time to taper. but he has been saying this for a while. he is not a voting member but he will tell you what he expects his colleagues to do beginning next month. he is a september taperer. >> it is amazing. and it shows you the debate going on within the federal reserve right now. >> absolutely. >> let's approach this final hour. near the highs of the day here, not so far from it. up about 40 points. 15,511. nasdaq also positive here with the gains double-digit, up 18.5 points. 1.5 of 1%. s&p 500 showing a begin here of bet are than will points, bill. >> down s&p about an hour and a half away from snapping a three-day losing streak. what was the turn around about earlier today? >> what was the decline about, is the question. i will try to explain what i think happened. let me show you markets today of what is going on. main story is china. very good exported, inport date why from china and yes it moves the whole world. . it moved commodities and market stocks and kmosity countries. everything is moving on that. there is still money moving. we are seeing inflows and
and army of experts for the next two hours on this developing story. but if you're just joining us, dominik chu has a recap of what has been happening this afternoon. dom? >> bill this is something short of dramatic, really. let's get you up to speed on what we know right now. we have been reporting on trading glitches happening with the nasdaq. all securities are, for the most part, not actively actively trading. one or two securities have been released now. just to see whether or not things can function properly. but i want to get you the latest update. we have the latest statement from nasdaq. they are intending to reopen trading, in all tape c, nasdaq listed secure wits a 15-minute note security. according to nasdaq at about 3:00 which is right now you will see shares of aame, supposedly start trading. all other securities, all other nasdaq listed securities, will be released for quotation only. just pricing. at 3:10 eastern time this afternoon. then we will follow a 15-minute quoting period only so at 3:25 p.m., eastern time, all nasdaq listed securities are at least anticipated to be
as stocks move lower here. >> well, at the end of the day, it's the consume were. walmart has told us the consumer is not as strong as many thought. cisco is telling us the business climate is not as strong as many of us thought. so this market selling off here on the idea that the economy is actually a lot more anemic than we thought. only the naming of a new federal reserve chairman, not only the possibility of the beginning of tapering, which i doubt owe glow the debt ceiling debate is coming, the budget battle, all kind of things, by the way, chart watchers are watching the dow and the s&p today. the dow is sitting on its 100-day moving average and the s&p is very close to its 50-day moving average, although, we have moved off of those here. we will watch those very closely as we head into this last hour. >> i spoke with bull, he has been a billing bull. he said, maria, i'm a long-term bull. there have been nagging problems, for example, good economic news out of the euro zone and china did not result in a rally. is something he is noticing in the united states. he says the old ad
:00 p.m. today. in the meantime, we'll sign out from us here on cnbc "street signs." "closing bell" is next. >>> hi, everybody. we enter the final stretch. welcome to the "closing bell." i'm maria bartiromo, and the stock market coming back. >> it was down 122 at the low. now we've come back. trying to snap a five-day losing streak and avoid closing below 15,000 for the first time since july 3rd. so we've got a lot to cover. i will point out the 10-year note -- yield has remained at lofty levels. it got up to 2.88. it climbed by six basis points just like that after the minutes came out, and we're still just off that high of the day. >> a lot of the headlines coming out of the minutes, basically said they were in agreement that the tapering should start sooner rather than later. that's -- >> as long as the economy can withstand it. >> so really, it was no new information. >> exactly. >> and yet the market was all over the map. we want to get reaction about the market, the fed, the state of the economy, from our special co-host, ken langone will join me, and now attorney general eri
. if we finish below 15,095, that would make us the worst week of the year. and we are -- well, we're above that right now. >> i've got to tell you, bill, it feels like the quietest expiration friday we've seen in a long time. >> it does. i said to art, what if they held an expiration and nobody came? but they -- >> and that's what happened. we've got a big lineup for you here to walk you through what's happening as we approach the close and what may happen next week. we'll be previewing that. we have david rosenburg coming up. john cary and ralph acampora. you will want to hear what ralph said about yesterday's decline. we spoke to him yesterday, as well. i'm excited to hear what he has to say about the market. you know he's been very bullish. yesterday, he said he doesn't know he's found a bottom yet in terms of the selling over the near term. >> right. it will be very interesting to see what ralph says about the short-term sell-off here. also we're keeping a very close eye on the dangerous developments in egypt. it has turned out to be another deadly day there. we'll have live r
with us. "closing bell" starts right now. >>> hi, everybody. back to the record books we go. once again, we are in rally mode. record territory for the dow and s&p. >> i'm bill griffith. it'll be hard to come up with enough is ysuperlatives. since yesterday we've had positive numbers on manufacturing. the jobless claims number was lower than expected, which is a good thing. and all of the major averages are doing very well today. the dow and s&p are in record territory. have you seen the transports? even though oil is up sharply today? transports up 3.4%. also in record territory. >> big recovery there. transports are recovering. technicians want to see the dow move up together. also big interviews after the bell tonight. we have clorox ceo here. both here tauming about earnings and the economy. we will also ask about a new report that the ratings industries are loosening standards again. that reaction, stay with us. >> takes a look at sfly. it is a pretty picture. you got that? >> got it. got it. >> stock soaring on news that it actually lost money but not nearly as much as the street
us breaking news. steve? >> reporter: thank you, kelly. i'm met manager director christine lagarde, worrying about spillovers. she said the exit from the policies present, quote, serious risk to those countries that do not have the policies, principally those emerging market countries. and really what she's talking about the current fluctuations we've seen in the last several weeks when it comes to what's been happening with market expectations for the federal reserve and other exits. she's saying some currency market intervention could help for some of the countries when they try to deal with the exit strategies of the unconventional policies of the developed nations. she's urging central banks to manage the exit carefully, and she's saying the country should work together in managing this exit. government, she said, should not waste the breathing spaces provided by central banks through the unconventional policies, and she's telling them to get on with the economic and financial reforms that they need to do. and she singles out europe, saying they need to unclog the financial pla
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22